The smart button platform


What is a button?

Buttons are the simplest user interface we could imagine for a programmable task. They are simple, as they are designed for a single-task: switch on/of a light, ring a bell, open a door, etc...They are easy-to-understand and provide immediate physical feedback.

What is a smart button?

A smart button is a portable wireless button, linked to platform, that triggers actions and links the phisical and digital world. For example: once the button is pressed: make a call to X number, register and input to a database and turn on a light. Workflows behind the button can be unique and can be define and tailored by the user.

What is

Mima is the smart button platform that lets you define workflows that are triggered once the button is pressed. Thanks to a user-friendly dashboard take control of all your buttons and define your desired behaviour.

Real IoT at your hands

Mima platform is designed to be flexible. All your buttons can be managed from a central dashboard. Thanks to our modular API, integrate your own service with, easily and fast. The only limit is your imagination.

Some use cases

Generate actions

Press the button and depending on where it is located, generate actions. Example: make a call to a customer when I am near his/her place.

"I need help"

Press the button and automatically call or send SMS to your loved ones. Let them know you need help.


Give a button to someone or place it in a car. The button will send and alarm if it doesn't move within X minutes.


Visualize where the button is and track its movements. A button is not a GPS, but it gives an aproximate idea about where it is, and how is it moving.

Control your stock

A button can be placed everywhere and can be assigned to a customer. For example, if a customer runs out of gas oil, just by pressing the button, the supplier will recieve a notification.

Anything you can imagine

Define your own action workflow and link it to any button. The only limit is your imagination.

“We gave a button to some of our elders. They feel much more secure. We feel much more calmed.”

Lluís C.

Eldercare residence responsable

“We offer the button as a premium service. Our customers only have to press the button and in less than 12 hours they have the fuel at home. They don't even have to call us.”

Ernesto T.

CG Gas oil, CEO

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